ROCCA GROUP offers answers to all needs, large and small, of those who want to sell, buy, rent or rent residential, commercial, industrial properties, companies, land.

We listen to the client

We work to satisfy our client, we listen to his needs, his dreams, his needs.

Transparent communication

Our communication is transparent, based on precise rules and defined protocols.

Professionalism and quality

We assist the client in all phases of the conclusion of the deal, with a qualified real estate consultancy and integrated value services.

Strategic assessment of the real estate asset

ROCCA GROUP accompanies the customer in the choices, for a valorisation of the property and to maximize the result, preparing a complete and strategic estimate document.

Mandate as a guarantee for the parties

The exclusive mandate represents the guarantee, for a protected and reserved management of the real estate property, enhancing the characteristics, optimizing the merits, the uniqueness of the asset and preserving the property, from the ordinary commercial promotion of the local Agencies. Providing us with an exclusive mediation assignment, supports the commitment of the real estate agent to promote your property and prevents ads from being offered inconsistently by multiple operators (eg different prices or descriptions in several advertisements of the same building).

Collaboration to protect the property

For this reason the ROCCA GROUP always provides in its offices, collaboration with other selected agencies on the market, in compliance with our code of ethics. The assignment of the task to ROCCA GROUP allows us to access our Network of privileged relationships based on trust and provided to us by our customers.

Global visibility

We make your property more visible thanks to global marketing on national and international real estate sites, with technological innovations and increasingly advanced and effective tools, such as specialized photo services, aerial shots , virtual tour, 3D maps to enhance the strengths of the real estate operation.

We'll do the document research


We perform a document due diligence, based on the technical analysis, on the origin of the real estate axis, on the cadastral, urban, legal and fiscal situation, a tool that allows to foresee possible obstacles to the conclusion of the deal and to avoid unpleasant "surprises" that may emerge during the negotiation.

We offer our clients consultancy, planning and delivery services in relation to all aspects of the ordinary management of leased properties, including the provision of services, compliance, financial management, modification and efficiency of the locations of work. We employ departments composed of management professionals, supported by the best sector and geographic suppliers.